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About Anyixin

A vibrant, edgy and graphical aesthetic meant for free-spirited misfits and aliens. The three Chinese characters composing the name of the brand “安艺欣” (An-Yi-Xin) each have their own specific meanings which altogether send a positive message:


安 Peace/Tranquility - 艺 Art/Capability - 欣 Happiness/Prosperity 

Anyixin Designer Armonie

About Me


Thank you for visiting this about page! My name is Armonie and I'm the designer behind Anyixin. I'm a visual artist who decided to create a brand that would encourage a colorful fashion, mindset, lifestyle and that would also promote, unusuality, weirdness and the expression of one's impulses. In short: All these things that aren't always allowed to carry out in the real world but that are parts of each of us. I think that a positive self-image and mental health starts by expressing one's own uniqueness and my designs each carry this message through graphically artistic designs and statements. 

The artwork used on each Anyixin design is created by myself, some are from real paintings, others from digital ones and others specifically made for clothing. I print and make most designs myself at home except the fully printed items, which are produced in factories (ex: Eye See You Dress, Egyptian Bliss Bikini, etc...) and hand-make all accessories with lots of care and love. From sketching each design to hand printing on satin wash care labels, to packaging and shipping each order:


Anyixin is a 100% independent clothing brand ran entirely by one “crazy” artist.


Anyixin Designer Armonie


If you’d like to see more of my artistic work, I invite you to visit the following links:

YouTube Channel

 Anyixin Photography - Anyixin Art - Anyixin Brand 


Thanks for reading,



Anyixin Snake Logo



安 Peace & Tranquility - 艺 Art & Capability -

欣 Happiness & Prosperity


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